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Canadian State Visits to the White House

Geography, history, and friendship have been the driving force of official ties between the United States and Canada. In 1927, our two countries exchanged ambassadors and began a long diplomatic relationship.

Chinese State Visits

When Chinese Vice Premiere Deng Xiaoping and his wife Madame Zhuo Lin came to the White House in 1979, it marked the highest-ranking Chinese guest since 1943.

Decorating The White House

The White House has undergone a significant number of changes since President John Adams first called the Executive Mansion home.

Easter Egg Roll Significant Dates

Since 1878, American presidents and their families have celebrated Easter Monday by hosting an 'egg roll' party. Held on the South Lawn, it is one of the oldest annual events in White House history. It has changed and evolved through the years and each First Family has put their stamp on the popular event. From the roll's origins to the latest

French State Dinners at the White House

From the first French State Dinner for Prime Minister Pierre Laval by President Herbert Hoover to more recent French State Dinners, the United States and France continue to maintain their strong bond.

Guarding the White House

The protections of the White House has evolved from the militia men that protected it in the early 1800s to the current Secret Service and police forces that guard it today.

Halloween at the White House

Halloween has been celebrated at the White House in various ways since the mid-20th century. Here is how different administrations recognized the holiday.

History of the White House Fence

From its start as a wooden post and rail fence in 1801, the fence around the White House has evolved with the changing landscape of Washington and the security needs of the First Family.

Italian State Dinners at the White House

The first State Dinner for an Italian head of state was in January of 1964. It was for Italian President Antonio Segni and was hosted by President Lyndon Baines Johnson.