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Discovery Education

As the largest professional learning community of its kind, Discovery Education is a global leader in standards-based digital content for K-12, transforming teaching and learning with award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia content, and professional development. Reaching more than 51 million students globally in over 90 countries, Discovery Education provides many experiences and services, including curating content from educational partners, including selected articles, media, and other materials from the White House Historical Association.


Newsela is an online learning platform with a focus on literacy, offering standards-aligned content in English and Spanish and serves over 37 million K-12 students nationwide. Newsela features tools to facilitate differentiated instruction and accommodate different literacy levels in both English and Spanish. The Association supports Newsela with biographies of the presidents and first ladies and other select content.


CivXNow, a project of iCivics, has formed the nation’s largest cross-partisan Coalition to fuel our constitutional democracy through K-12 civic education. Recognizing that preparing our youth to assume the responsibilities and understand their rights as active participants in the civic life of this great nation is essential to the health of our democratic republic. The CivXNow Coalition pledges to help every K-12 school in the nation fulfill their historic and vital civic mission. CivXNow pledges to ensure that every young person acquires the civic knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for informed, authentic, and engaged civic participation.

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