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In partnership with iCivics, the White House Historical Association has co-created a new interactive game that allows players to explore American history and the presidency by serving as a presidential advisor during critical moments in history. With a focus on listening and contextualizing, Brief the Chief introduces students to the variety of voices that influence the president. Throughout the game, students practice interview-based decision-making and evidence-based reasoning without being responsible for outcomes.

Along with providing pre- and post-activities and a teacher guide, the Brief the Chief Extension Pack will support you in deepening learning with a one-pager on each scenario and bios on each person.

The White House Historical Association and iCivics have also partnered to produce a special recorded event, Ask the Advisor, a conversation between former presidential advisors Tina Tchen and Anita McBride, answering student questions. The advisors discuss their time working in the White House and offer strategies for making the most out of the experience of advising presidents in Brief the Chief. This recording can be viewed for your own learning or with students in the classroom before playing the game!

While you’re playing games, don’t forget to explore Executive Command! Do you have what it takes to juggle the many demands that come with being president? The White House Historical Association is proud of have supported the Spanish translation of Executive Command in 2023.