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David Rubenstein, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Chairman, The Carlyle Group
36 minutes

In this special episode of The 1600 Sessions, we turn the tables on our podcast’s usual format. Financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein takes his turn asking more than 50 questions on White House history to White House Historical Association President Stewart McLaurin. They cover all the basics as well as some of the fun facts you probably didn't know, like which presidents installed the bowling alley and the swimming pool. Test your own history knowledge through this wide-ranging conversation with two White House experts.

The podcast host

Stewart McLaurin, Host

President of the White House Historical Association

As President of the White House Historical Association Stewart McLaurin leads the nonpartisan, nonprofit in its mission to preserve, protect, and provide access to White House history. As a lifelong student of history, Stewart is an avid reader, author, and storyteller. Drawing on his own experiences, relationships, and knowledge he provides listeners with a front row seat to history at the White House.