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Stewart McLaurin
Matthew Costello, Amity Shlaes, and Kevin Eckstrom
68 minutes

Death comes to every home, including the White House. From the loss of cherished family members to presidential funerals, there are many established White House traditions surrounding grief. Stewart McLaurin explores the history of presidential mourning with the Association’s Senior Historian, Matthew Costello, Calvin Coolidge biographer Amity Shlaes, and Kevin Eckstrom of the Washington National Cathedral. Learn more about Death in the White House in our award-winning Quarterly Journal.

Stewart McLaurinhost

Stewart McLaurin, host

President of the White House Historical Association

As President of the White House Historical Association Stewart McLaurin leads the nonpartisan, nonprofit in its mission to preserve, protect, and provide access to White House history. As a lifelong student of history, Stewart is an avid reader and storyteller. His first book, White House Miscellany was published this past year and he authors a quarterly column in the White House History Journal. Drawing on his own experiences, relationships, and knowledge he provides listeners with a front row seat to history at the White House.