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  • Foreword by Marcia Mallet Anderson
  • Time on the Water: The Floating White House and the Presidents at Sea by Kenneth T. Walsh
  • George Washington: Father of the United States Navy by Matthew Goetz
  • The Resolute Desk: A British Naval Ship Becomes an Oval Office Treasure by Patrick Burr
  • A Titanic Loss: Remembering Archibald Butt and Francis Millet by Matthew Costello
  • President Calvin Coolidge, Lee Ping Quan, and the Pleasures of a Floating Table by Alex Prud’homme
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: The President and the Sea by James J. Fortuna
  • The Sea in the White House Fine Art Collection by Lydia Tederick
  • William M. Rigdon’s Adventures at Sea with President Franklin D. Roosevelt by Mary Jo Binker
  • Dinner on the Sequoia: President Kennedy’s Last Birthday by Alex Prud’homme
  • Ships, Real and Fictional Named for U.S. Presidents by Joel Kemelhor
  • Presidential Sites Quarterly Feature - Cape May: A Presidential Retreat By the Sea by Margaret Strolle
  • Reflections by Stewart D. McLaurin

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