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The Presidents Timeline

GEORGE WASHINGTON | 1789-1797 JOHN ADAMS | 1797-1801 THOMAS JEFFERSON | 1801-1809 JAMES MADISON | 1809-1817 JAMES MONROE | 1817-1825 JOHN QUINCY ADAMS | 1825-1829 ANDREW JACKSON | 1829-1837 MARTIN VAN BUREN | 1837-1841 WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON | 1841 JOHN TYLER | 1841-1845 JAMES K. POLK | 1845-1849 ZACHARY TAYLOR | 1849-1850 MILLARD FILLMORE | 1850-1853 FRANKLIN PIERCE | 1853-1857 JAMES BUCHANAN | 1857-1861 ABRAHAM LINCOLN | 1861-1865 ANDREW JOHNSON | 1865-1869 ULYSSES S. GRANT | 1869-1877 RUTHERFORD B.


Orphan Becomes White House Steward

The frigate United States left Port Mahone, Minorca, arriving in New York City on December 25, 1834. On board was an orphan boy about seven years of age, Valentino Melah, a native of Messina, Sicily. His fortunes would lead him into the hotel business in Manhattan (the Astor House), New Orleans (the St. Charles), Long Branch, New Jersey (the Stetson), and his


The Soldiers' Home: First Presidential Retreat

Leaving the White House during the summer is an old tradition of the presidents. Those with farms, such as Dwight Eisenhower, or ranches, such as Lyndon B. Johnson and President George W. Bush, go for relaxation in cherished surroundings. Others, notably Richard Nixon, have created retreats, such as his in Florida and California; both Roosevelts went home. Victorian era presidents