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Q: How many winners will there be?

A: Three winners – one in each category.

Q: What are the three categories?

A: Baking, nature, and arts & crafts.

Q: How will the winners be picked?

A: Each category will have a random draw.

Q: Where do I submit my final creation?

A: Via the contest entry form on our website.

Q: How long does the contest run for?

A: Submissions will be accepted from July 1 to July 31.

Q: When are winners announced?

A: Winners will be announced by email on Friday, August 5, 2022. We will want to be sure we have the correct address to send your prize by overnight carrier.

Q: What do winners get?

A: Winners get a holiday-inspired gift basket including the Official 2022 White House Christmas Ornament, White House Historical Association Gingerbread Kit, the latest reprint of the White House in Gingerbread book by White House Pastry Chefs Roland Mesnier and Mark Ramsdell, a White House Christmas Tree bookmark, a Christmas tote, and the latest version of the Official White House Christmas Ornament: Collected Stories of a Holiday Tradition book.

Q: Can I enter multiple times?

A: You can submit as many creations as you want, as long as each is original.

Q: What does the 2022 Christmas ornament look like?

A: Have a look!

Q: Do I have to make my entry look like the Official 2022 White House Ornament or White House or can I do any type of gingerbread house?

A: Yes, it needs to represent the Official 2022 White House Ornament. Other versions will be accepted but will not be entered to win the final prize.