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  • Death and the President's House, William Seale
  • "First in War, First in Peace," and First in Death: A History of Presidential Mourning, Matthew Costello
  • Medical Mystery: President William Henry Harrison Succumbs to a Fatal Illness in the White House, Richard F. Grimmett
  • Abraham Lincoln's Funeral Train: The Solemn Journey from Washington to Springfield, John White
  • Society Calls on Widow Mary Todd Lincoln, Clifford Krainik
  • The Death of a Son: Calvin Coolidge Jr., Lawrence K. Knutson
  • The Grief of Two Fathers: President Calvin Coolidge Looks to Abraham Lincoln for Strength, Amity Shlaes
  • "Run Slow, Run Silent": The Nation Mourns as President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Funeral Train Passes, Robert Klara
  • Reflections: Family Life in the White House, Stewart D. McLaurin

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