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  • Foreword, William Seale
  • Thomas Nast: "The Father of the American Cartoon," Fiona Deans Halloran
  • Clifford K. Berryman: The Dean of American Cartoonists, Jessie Kratz and Martha Grove
  • The White House as a Symbol in the Cartoons of Herblock: Selections from the Library of Congress, Sara W. Duke
  • Newspaperman Francis Preston Blair's Cartoon Collection at Blair House, Elaine M. Gibbs
  • Cartoons from the Collection of the James Monroe Museum, Scott H. Harris
  • On the Record with Off the Record's Cartoons, Mike Rhode
  • Drawing the Presidents: Pat Oliphant's Fifty Years of White House Cartooning
  • Reflections: The President's Pen, Stewart D. McLaurin

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