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  • Foreword, William Seale
  • Four Salutes to the Nation: The Equestrian Statues of General Andrew Jackson, James M. Goode
  • Making Religion Fashionable: Benjamin Henry Latrobe and Saint John's Church, Patrick Snadon
  • The Corcoran Mansion: House of Feasts, Keith D. MacKay
  • Volkmar Kurt Wentzel and His Portrayal of Washington by Night, Bruce M. White
  • The President's Park (Give or Take a Few Acres), Lucinda Prout Janke
  • "A Communication Between These Offices": Designing the Executive Office Buildings, 1791-1800, Pamela Scott
  • Good Neighbors: FDR, Major Gist, and Blair House, Candace Shireman
  • Stirrups and Spurs Have returned to the Equestrian Statue of Andrew Jackson, James M. Goode

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