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  • Foreword, William Seale
  • White House Weddings and Receptions Through the Years, Elyse Werling
  • A First Daughter’s White House Wedding: Etiquette Wars and a Celebration at Stephen Decatur’s House, Lauren McGwin
  • Nellie Grant Marries in the East Room: Rediscovered Relics of a White House Wedding, William Adair
  • Alice Roosevelt Weds Nicholas Longworth: A First Daughter’s Wedding in the East Room, Selwa “Lucky” Roosevelt
  • A White House Wedding Remembered, Lynda Johnson Robb and Chuck Robb with Stewart McLaurin
  • What Flavor is the Cake? White House Weddings and the Public’s Curiosity, Bethanee Bemis
  • Presidential Sites Quarterly Feature: A Celebration at Harewood: A Washington Home for a Madison Wedding, Robert Grogg and Walter Washington
  • Reflections: Creatively Teaching White House History, Stewart D. McLaurin

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