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Many donors designate the White House Historical Association as a beneficiary in their estate plan. There are unique benefits to each type of gift.


  • Make a larger gift than during your lifetime
  • Designate the gift for a specific purpose
  • Deduct gift against estate and inheritance taxes
  • Donate balance of estate after obligations are met (residuary bequest)

Gifts of Life Insurance

  • Do not tie up current assets
  • Provide immediate tax benefits
  • Allow tax deduction at cash value
  • Remove policy and its tax implications from estate
  • Donor pays all premiums

Gifts from Retirement Plans

  • Reduce tax on undistributed retirement assets
  • Avoid additional tax sometimes as much as 75-80% on assets for estate heirs
  • Reduce tax significantly on large taxable estates
  • Designate the Association as the primary beneficiary
  • May be deferred to a trust, which pays income to the donor, his/her family members, or other beneficiaries for a predetermined period of time before the asset is passed to the Association
  • Gifts of real estate, art and personal property are subject to the approval of the Association’s Gift Acceptance Committee.

Gifts of Real Estate

  • Given as an outright gift or as part of an estate plan
  • Reduce income, capital gains, and estate taxes
  • Create a trust with sale of property that pays lifetime income

Gifts of Art and Personal Property

  • Given as an outright gift or as part of an estate plan
  • Donor is responsible for establishing the value with an independent appraisal paid for by the donor

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