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Many modern presidents have had a casual interest in horseback riding, particularly as a vacation sport. However, no modern president has had a stronger association with horses than Ronald Reagan. His career in films and his own recreation demanded that he ride well. As president, he was comfortable in the saddle or simply working with his horses. Nothing pleased him more than to entertain a visiting head of state who liked to ride.

President John F. Kennedy greets Caroline, John Jr. and Macaroni outside the Oval Office on June 22, 1962.

John F. Kennedy Library

President Lyndon B. Johnson and Vice-President Hubert Humphrey pose on horseback at the Johnson ranch on Election Day, November 2, 1964.

Lyndon B. Johnson Library

President Gerald Ford on a vacation trail ride in Utah in 1974. Ford began riding as a mounted ranger at Yellowstone National Park during the summer of 1936.

Courtesy of Gerald R. Ford Library

Jimmy Carter on a vacation trail ride in the Grand Tetons, August 28, 1988.

Jimmy Carter Library

President Ronald Reagan horseback riding at Rancho Del Cielo, November 30, 1986.

Ronald Reagan Library

Then Vice President George H.W. Bush on a pleasure ride at Quantico, Virginia, July 22, 1981.

Ronald Reagan Library

President William J. Clinton enjoys a horseback ride on the beach at Martha's Vineyard, August 31, 1994.

Clinton Presidential Library

Presidential candidate George W. Bush at Churchill downs attending the Kentucky Derby.

2000 Churchill Downs Incorporated