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Mission Statement and Collection Policy

White House Historical Association Digital Library

Digital Library Mission Statement

The Digital Library supports the educational mission of the White House Historical Association by aggregating, arranging, digitizing, interpreting, and providing access to images, documents, and other materials related to the history of the White House and its inhabitants, including families and staff, in order to encourage academic research and enhance public enjoyment of the White House and president’s neighborhood.

Digital Library Policy

It is the vision of the Digital Library to be the authoritative online resource for documenting the history the White House and its grounds. To that end, the contents of the Library are constantly being expanded and updated through acquisitions, agreements with other institutions, and donations.

The Digital Library seeks to provide and support research and learning opportunities for all constituencies. Our mission is complementary to that of the National Archives, the Library of Congress and other presidential sites, but focuses specifically on the history of and life in the White House.

The Digital Library provides a virtual research space and unlimited opportunities for online distance learning. However, it is not a collecting institution such as a traditional museum or an archive. As such, we do not provide physical storage, undertake conservation work, or engage in any preservation activities except as they involve the digitization of materials for inclusion in the library.

To be included in the library, an item must be historically relevant, unique, and reasonably well preserved. Materials are accepted for digitization on a case-by-case basis, with preference given to images and documents pertaining directly to the White House and its history. Ephemera may be accepted but only in special circumstances. Details of donations or loans are spelled out in agreements with the responsible parties.