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The Richard Nixon Foundation

Yorba Linda, California

The Richard Nixon Foundation applies the legacy and vision of President Richard Nixon, America's relentless grand strategist, to defining issues facing our nation and the world.

On May 15, 1972, First Lady Patricia Nixon unveiled the newly refurbished Blue Room. This digital exhibit explores Mrs. Nixon’s efforts to restore the Blue Room to its French Empire style, which drew its inspiration from the Bellangé suite of furniture purchased by President James Monroe for the room in 1817. The unveiling of the Blue Room provided Mrs. Nixon the opportunity to demonstrate her successful expansion of the White House Collection. During her time as first lady, Mrs. Nixon added 600 paintings and furnishings to the White House, the most by a single administration. Scroll down to see a preview gallery of the digital exhibit!

The White House Historical Association began its partnership with the Richard Nixon Foundation in 2019, the 50th anniversary of President Richard Nixon and First Lady Patricia Nixon moving into the White House. This relationship seeks to provide greater access to specific selections of the Foundation’s collections, including photographs, documents, and video footage of Mrs. Nixon’s 1972 Blue Room renovation. These historical images and documents, along with those pertaining to other White House projects, give greater insight to the accomplishments of First Lady Patricia Nixon and highlight her efforts to enhance the White House and its collections for future generations.

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