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China Room, John F. Kennedy Administration

This photograph is of the China Room as it appeared before First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's refurbishment of the rooms in the White House. The China Room is located on the Ground Floor of the White House and has been used to display ceramics, glass, and other decorative arts since 1917. The pieces on display are a collection of items used in the White House by first families, including state china services commissioned during a presidency. Howard Chandler Christy's portrait of First Lady Grace Goodhue Coolidge was hung in the room in 1952. The image was taken on August 14, 1961 by a National Geographic staff photographer for the White Historical Association's 1962 publication of "The White House: A Historic Guide". The publication serves as a companion book for tours of the White House, providing history of the rooms, architecture, and furniture.
Date of Work
August 14, 1961
White House Historical Association