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Chief Plumber Gary Williams Builds Model Presidential Homes

In this photograph, taken by Tina Hager, White House Chief Plumber Gary E. Williams works on a model of Spiegel Grove, the residence of former President Rutherford B. Hayes. For First Lady Laura Welch Bush's "Home for the Holidays" theme, White House residence staff constructed 18 replicas of former president's homes that were displayed throughout the White House and at the White House Visitor's Center. Several of the models are displayed on the shelves in the background of this photograph. Williams served as a plumber at the White House from November 1976 until his retirement in August 2008. Williams applied his artistic talent to many Christmas displays at the White House, including the prince's castle for First Lady Barbara Bush's 1990 "Nutcracker" theme, and Noah's ark in 1991.
Tina Hager
Date of Work
ca. December 2001
George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum/NARA