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Grand Staircase, Nixon Administration

This photograph of the Grand Staircase was taken in January 1972 by Nelson Brown, Victor Boswell, and Robert S. Oakes during the administration of Richard M. Nixon. The Grand Staircase connects the Second Floor and family quarters of the White House with the State Floor and Entrance Hall below. During official occasions such as State Dinners, the president descends the staircase with honored guests while the United States Marine Band plays "Hail to the Chief." There have been five Grand Staircases since the White House was built, including two located in this alcove. The first was built during the 1902 Theodore Roosevelt renovations. The second, seen here, during the Harry S. Truman renovations of 1948-1952. Truman took particular interest to redesign the staircase into the two long, descending sets of stairs.
Nelson Brown, Victor Boswell, Robert S. Oakes
Date of Work
January 1972
White House Historical Association