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The Splendid Mrs. Madison: In the Elliptical Saloon 1810-1814

This painting by Peter Waddell titled "The Splendid Mrs. Madison: In the Elliptical Saloon 1810-1814," depicts First Lady Dolley Madison during one of her weekly parties. Mrs. Madison was a popular White House hostess while her husband, President James Madison, was in office. The Elliptical Saloon is now known as the Blue Room, one of the State Floor parlors and one of the more recognizable rooms in the White House. The Cross Hall and Entrance Hall are visible through the open door in the background, with a glimpse of the opened North Door leading out onto the North Portico and beyond. ***Interior use only for publications***
Peter Waddell
Date of Work
oil paint, canvas
Peter Waddell for the White House Historical Association