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President Nixon Walks Tricia Nixon Down the Aisle

In this photograph by Jack E. Kightlinger, President Richard M. Nixon walks his eldest daughter, Tricia Nixon, down the aisle at her wedding on June 12, 1971. Tricia Nixon married Edward Cox at a ceremony in the Rose Garden on the White House Grounds, followed by a reception in the East Room. A gazebo was built for the ceremony, which was conducted by the Rev. Dr. Edward Latch. The greenery of the Rose Garden was dotted with roses of reds, pinks, whites, and yellows. The shade of green of the crabapple trees throughout was said to match the shade of the bridesmaids layered silk organdy dresses, made by Priscilla of Boston. Though there was an intimate number of invited guests, just beyond it, on the South Lawn, press tents captured the nuptials for the nation.
Jack E. Kightlinger
Date of Work
June 12, 1971
Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum/NARA