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Mrs. Ford Working at Her Desk in the East Wing

This photograph of First Lady Betty Ford working at her desk in the East Wing of the White House was taken by David Hume Kennerly on June 28, 1975. Her desk featured a special "Don't Tread On Me" E.R.A. flag. On September 4, 1974, during her first press conference as first lady, she expressed support for the Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.), which, if passed, would have guaranteed legal equality for American citizens, regardless of sex. She continued to support the passage of the amendment throughout her time in the White House, calling senators, traveling across the country to lobby for ratification, and participating in womens conferences and meetings. With his wifes encouragement, in 1975, President Gerald R. Ford created the National Commission on the Observance of International Womens Year by executive order.
David Hume Kennerly
Date of Work
June 28, 1975
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum/NARA