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President Kennedy Signs Joint Resolution in Support of Detroit's 1968 Olympic Bid

In this photograph, taken by Robert L. Knudsen on September 16, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signs a joint resolution in support of the city of Detroit's bid to host the 1968 Summer Olympic Games. During the signing ceremony in the Cabinet Room, President Kennedy delivered filmed remarks for members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Letters from President Kennedy were also sent to members of the IOC along with Detroit's promotional brochure materials. Despite the president's endorsement, the IOC selected Mexico City to host the 1968 Summer Olympic Games on October 18, 1963. Pictured here behind President Kennedy are officials from Michigan, from left to right: Representative James G. O'Hara, Representative Lucien N. Nedzi, Senator Pat McNamara (partially hidden), Mayor Jerry Cavanagh of Detroit, Senator Philip A. Hart, Representative Martha W. Griffiths, Representative Neil Staebler, and Representative Harold M. Ryan.
Robert L. Knudsen
Date of Work
September 16, 1963
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum/NARA