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The Golddiggers Perform at Bob Hope Christmas Show Preview

This photograph was taken by National Geographic photographer Joseph J. Scherschel on December 14, 1969, during a preview performance of the Bob Hope Christmas Show in the East Room. Here, members of the Golddiggers perform during the variety show for President Richard M. Nixon, First Lady Pat Nixon, and over 200 guests. A women's song and dance troupe, the Golddiggers performed for American troops stationed in Vietnam with Bob Hope's variety shows from 1968-1970. Bob Hope's USO-sponsored variety shows entertained American troops around the world for nearly 50 years, and his television specials were an annual tradition for American households for decades. Hope was a recurrent guest at the White House and entertained every president from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Bill Clinton.
Joseph J. Scherschel
Date of Work
December 14, 1969
White House Historical Association