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2019 Holiday Decorations in the State Dining Room

This photograph of the State Dining Room was taken by Matthew D'Agostino on December 2, 2019 during a press preview of the White House holiday decor. The State Dining Room paid tribute to significant American landmarks with historic places featured in the ornaments and alongside the traditional White House gingerbread house. The mantel and the table were decorated with lush bouquets and a garland of roses. The holiday theme for 2019 was The Spirit of America, which recognized the United States' rich history and traditions. Designed by First Lady Melania Trump, the White House decorations paid tribute to the individuals who have shaped the country and kept the American spirit alive, drawing inspiration from the hard working people and families Mrs. Trump met on her travels as first lady.
Matthew D'Agostino
Date of Work
December 2, 2019
Matthew D'Agostino for the White House Historical Association