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Volunteer Hangs the 2018 Official White House Christmas Ornament in the Library

In this photograph, taken by Andrea Hanks on November 23, 2018, a volunteer carefully hangs the Official White House Christmas Ornament above the mantel in the Library. The Official White House Christmas Ornaments have been a featured part of White House holiday decorations since 1981, with proceeds supporting the White House Historical Association. In 2018, the Official White House Christmas Ornament celebrated President Harry S. Truman, and the renovations of the White House overseen during his presidency including the addition of the iconic Truman Balcony on the South Portico. Each year, volunteers from across the country assist in the holiday transformation of the White House. Volunteers typically assist with a variety of activities including putting up ornaments, assembling wreaths and bouquets, and creating one-of-a kind decorations to complement the annual theme.
Andrea Hanks
Date of Work
November 23, 2018
Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks