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President Harding's Voyage of Understanding, Hutchinson, Kansas, Side B

This is the reverse view of image number 1111932. The text reads: "PRESIDENT HARDING IN A FRIENDLY CHAT, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS As we stand in this group about the President we are reminded in a most pleasing and emphatic way that his activity on this occasion is the one that is perhaps most natural and most pleasing to him. We know him as our friend. This means, that he does not spend his time chatting with us for the mere purpose of gossip. We firmly believe that he is interested in us, that he loves us and that he talks with us to know what we think, how we feel, what we do and what our ideals are. Moreover, he tells us frankly and as fully as the occasion will permit what he thinks, believes and desires for our welfare and for the welfare of our nation. The President is a great believer in co-operation. He believes that permanent and great success in a democratic form of government is possible only when all the people, of whatever rank and station, co-operate. He said to us that two years ago when things generally looked bad, team work was inaugurated and all the members of the team pulled together. Since then, things have improved and to-day, are quite satisfactory. It is a source of pride, satisfaction and gratitude to the national administration to have been able to contribute something of suggestion, leadership and direction to this accomplishment. He did not claim much, but the great end could not have been attained without the complete unity already mentioned. Two years ago there were approximately 5,000,000 workers in our country without jobs. That was bad, but since then matters have reversed and we are now obliged to worry about ways and means of filling a half million jobs that want workers and cannot find them. Copyright by The Keystone View Company"
Keystone View Company
Date of Work
June - August 1923
White House Historical Association