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President Ford and Queen Elizabeth Welcome Cary Grant to the White House

In this photograph by Ricardo Thomas, President Gerald R. Ford and Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain welcome guests in a receiving line on the on July 7, 1976. Shaking Queen Elizabeth's hand is the British-born actor Cary Grant. The receiving line, which took place on the South Drive of the White House, was held prior to a State Dinner in honor of Queen Elizabeth. The State Dinner was held under a tent in the Rose Garden on the South Grounds of the White House and followed a State Arrival Ceremony held earlier in the day. Queen Elizabeth, along with her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, visited the United States from July 6 to 11 in celebration of the American Bicentennial.
Ricardo Thomas
Date of Work
July 7, 1976
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum/NARA