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Interior View of St. John's Church

This undated photograph of St. John's Church was taken by Bruce White. It shows the present day view of the interior of the church, located just across Lafayette Square from the White House. The central piers, arches, and dome were designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe while the extended navel (left), rebuilt balconies, some additional windows, and the stained glass all date from later remodeling. Every president since James Madison has attended services in St. John's Church. St. John's was one of the first structures built in the Square and is an historically significant and symbolic house of worship. Latrobe is best known as the architect who designed the U.S. Capitol, St. John's Church, and the Decatur House in Lafayette Square, the White House colonnades, and the Madison state rooms. He was also the chief engineer for the U.S. Navy.
Bruce White
Date of Work
March 5, 2009
Bruce White for the White House Historical Association