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Schedule for Opening Ceremonies, 1960 Winter Olympics

This is the third page of a schedule prepared by the VIII Olympic Winter Games Pageantry Division for Olympic delegations for the 1960 Olympic Winter Games, held in Squaw Valley, California, from February 18-29, 1960. The Pageantry Division included chairman Walt Disney, director Tommy Walker, and coordinator Ron Miller. The opening and closing ceremonies prepared by the Pageantry Division for the 1960 Winter Games included visually striking elements including over 5,000 entertainers, a fireworks display, live pigeons, musical performance by the United States Marine Band, and the release of 30,000 colorful balloons. Vice President Richard M. Nixon opened the ceremonies as a part of the Olympic delegation on behalf of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
VIII Olympic Winter Games Pageantry Division
Date of Work
ca. February 18, 1960
Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum/NARA