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The White House is managed by the chief usher, a title that has origins from the days when this person “ushered” people in to meet the president and first lady. In the late nineteenth century, the most prominent positions in the White House included the president’s secretary, steward, usher or doorkeeper to the president, and chief doorkeeper, each of whom reported to the president. As the presidency changed and grew, so did these household positions and their respective responsibilities, which eventually merged to create one senior position: White House Chief Usher.

Today, the chief usher is the general manager of the building, overseeing construction and renovation projects, maintenance, food service, as well as the administrative, fiscal, and personnel functions of the residence. The chief usher manages the White House Residence Staff of approximately 90-100 people, consisting of butlers, maids, housekeepers, chefs, cooks, doormen, florists, curators, electricians, plumbers, storekeepers, engineers, and others.

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